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Hand 2 Hand

Anyone who has visited a busy city centre or an event will have noticed people handing out leaflets for a wide range of companies and services, but you didn’t think they were full time employee’s of those companies did you? PB Leaflet Distribution offer this service at a very affordable rate and has been utilized by a wide range of large and small organisations.
We can deliver to any busy city or town centre and even wear your companies uniforms! If your looking for an event to be leafleted we can also do this (providing you can acquire permission) and again wear uniforms of your choice. Our staff are always friendly, well presented and keen to not just hand over leaflets but discuss your services with potential clients, giving an instant good impression of your business. Our prices are also geared towards making sure that every Business in the UK can afford to utilize this service, not just large companies!
We provide this service in any part of Cambridgeshire, with two workers for only £40 per hour minimum 7 hours!!
We will distribute as many as we can get out in the full day, meaning you can have anywhere from 2,000 to 6,000 leaflets handed out in a single day for the one single price!
Pick which days you want them handed out, even weekends!
Decide where you want the staff to conduct the handouts.
We can only hand out what we can hand out, as a result there is no guarantee of numbers of leaflets going out. however we would always recommend that a client provides us with at least 5,000 leaflets. Any that are not distributed can be returned to you.
All deliveries must be paid in full prior we start any distribution.

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